OMNI – Solar Kits

NEW CARES  –confronts the energy poverty challenge among rural households in Uganda through distribution of Clean lighting, Clean cooking and Clean drinkable water solutions.  Most rural Ugandan households rely on kerosene for lighting, biomass for cooking and boiling drinkable water. This is not only expensive but dangerous, a health and environmental hazard. Sadly also, majority of women and girls who are at the Centre of household energy management often suffer domestic violence related to collection of kerosene and biomass from distant locations. The lack of access to clean energy hampers economic activities, limits opportunities of study for students and pupils and keeps poor people in a vicious cycle of poverty.

NEW CARES  distributes a wide range of affordable, high quality solar solutions; cook-stoves and water purifiers to rural households through a Women Led Community based distribution model ‘Solar Villages’ which is achieved through Community Champions who create Solar Village Teams  (a solidarity group of 5 community members who need an energy solution and can work together to ensure each team member honors credit payments schedules and actually adopts products for use.

NEW CARES  approach: With the sole aim of ensuring that every household (particularly the underserved rural households) embraces the use of quality clean lighting and cooking options, NEW CARES  targets organized groups formed under the affiliate NEW Foundation as well as with select organisations interested in promoting Solar product by develops partnerships with institutions that can facilitate access by un/underserved communities and families. This way it is possible to reach a big number of households. Normally the clients in the communities will trust the products through the partnerships.